Park, Pool, & Lake

Pool Rules
Warning: No Life Guard On Duty
1. Children under age 14 must be accompanied by a responsible adult over age 21.
2. No alcoholic beverages in pool area.
3. No glass containers in pool area.
4. No pets in pool area.
5. You must shower before you enter the pool.
6. No profanity will be tolerated in or around the pool
7. No cut-offs or street clothes to be worn in the pool.
8. No rough playing in or around the pool.
10. No horseplay in the pool area.
11. Shepherds hook, buoy rope, and life ring must be kept in place at all times.
12. No one is to sit on or play with the buoy rope.
13. Members will be held liable for damages caused by their family members, and their guests.
14. The pool gate must not be left open or kept from locking at any time.
15. Your guest cannot be another property owner or their children who are not members of the association. If caught you will loose your pool privileges for the rest of the year.

This is your pool and your responsibility